Hazen Mirts

President & CEO of Enrollment First

Experienced. Professional. Knowledgeable.

Hazen Mirts, born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Enrollment First, Inc. Founded in 2002, the company provides full-service life and health insurance plans to the niche markets of temporary, part-time, and contracted employees.

Possessing over two decades of experience in the insurance industry as an independent agent and direct seller, Hazen Mirts has dedicated his career to assisting companies and individuals with all of their insurance needs. Since founding the company, Hazen and his team have worked diligently to grow the company exponentially—they now possess satellite offices in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. 

In 1997, after the suggestion from his grandfather and namesake, Hazen Mirts started his career in the insurance business and has never looked back. Wanting to gain the best experience and insight into the industry, he conducted extensive research which ultimately led to a position with the Northwestern Mutual team. There, he learned the building blocks of insurance and developed the tools he needed to be successful. However, he soon began to notice a gap in the industry—that solutions tailored to individuals’ needs weren’t being provided—and left the company to start Enrollment First, Inc.

Almost two decades later, Enrollment First, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing companies in the region. Specializing in truckers’ benefits, Hazen Mirts and his company provide the only 401(k) plan for 1099 recipients. What’s more, they even provide sleep apnea and wellness coverage. Working to provide solutions to many individuals who are constantly on the go, Enrollment First, Inc. utilizes call centers staffed with full-time licensed and salaried agents. Wanting to ensure they have the best service without using pressure sales tactics, agents do not work on commission and can sell clients over the phone. Their client roster nationwide includes over a thousand firms. 

Hazen Mirts is driven by his desire to provide care to a traditionally underserved population of America’s workforce. He is proud to have played a hand in developing a new style of healthcare and to serve a market that is otherwise ignored due to being labeled high-turnover by traditional insurance companies. Since many physicians will not see patients who are uninsured, Hazen and Enrollment First, Inc. have developed cost-effective and individualized plans that will grant more people access to the healthcare they deserve. 

For more information on Hazen and his expertise and insight into the insurance industry, please be sure to check out his blog.