When operating a motor vehicle, eyesight is one of the most critical functions. There are many things to pay attention to when driving, and ensuring that you have good vision when on the road is essential. Below we will talk about risk factors that can cause damage to our eyes and how to protect ourselves from these factors. The following information has been featured in an article on Arrive Alive.


Every day, our eyes are exposed to UV rays. UVA and UVB radiation rays are invisible to the eye but cause extreme damage over time after long-term exposure. The rays can cause your eyes to age early and become extremely sensitive to light in all forms. When driving, this can be an issue because many different lights are involved with driving, especially at night. In addition, UV exposure can affect the surface and internal structures of the eye: the lens and retina and permanently damage both. When your retina is too damaged by extreme or long-term exposure to UV rays or bright lights, it can lead to permanent loss of vision as well. 


When driving in sunny weather, there is also a risk of being exposed to glare from the sun even if you think you are protected by being inside the car. Many dangerous conditions are caused by the sun glaring off the dashboard, the windscreen, the bonnet, and the road surface itself. However, glare can also be caused by lights reflecting off of surfaces and into your car in the nighttime. Bluelight is a common glare to be exposed to at night, caused by snow or water reflections, and can increase the risk of blindness and retina damage. 


Fortunately, there are many different ways to help protect your eyes from possible risk factors during the daytime or the night. For example, wearing polarized sunglasses will protect you from UVA and UVB rays and keep you shielded from the sun’s glare. However, researchers note that wearing sunglasses is not practical for nighttime driving. Instead, drivers are encouraged to add an anti-reflective coating to glasses they wear, make sure their headlights and windshield are properly cleaned, and remove dust particles from inside and outside the car.