The enrollment period for 2022 health insurance is approaching, so it is essential to be prepared. People who want the best possible healthcare plans should make sure they have all the necessary information at hand. This will make it easier to apply for healthcare before time runs out. Here are a few basic things that all healthcare applicants will need.


Personal Information


First and most importantly, applicants need their personal information, including their full name, birth date, social security number, address, and marital status. The Marketplace application will also ask for information about any people living with the applicant. This means an applicant might need social security numbers or other details about their parents, children, or spouse. People who are immigrants will also need legal documents about their status. Even those not applying for an employer-sponsored plan will need to enter information on their job and employer.


Financial Information


Applicants also need to provide information on their income and financial assets. This can include a lot of documentation. People may need to upload copies of pay stubs or W2s. Those wishing to apply for certain catastrophic plans may also want to fill out and include a hardship exemption form. Married applicants may need to provide details on whether they file taxes separately or jointly.


Medical Information


Medical information is not technically required to apply for most insurance plans. However, it can still be wise to have it on hand. This information helps people pick the best plan for their needs. It is a good idea to check a policy to make sure that it covers any medications the applicant takes. People should also check the policy to see if their preferred doctors or nearby hospitals are in-network for the health plan.


Payment Information


To finalize a health plan for 2022, applicants need to pay their first premium. Typically, the plan will not activate until the premiums are paid. Most insurers use credit and debit cards, but some may also take bank accounts or allow people to pay with cash.