With an ever-increasing number of people deciding to get over-the-counter medication, it is essential to know what can happen when drugs interact with other medicines or substances. Our bodies react differently to different drugs, so it is recommended that you consult a physician whenever a health issue arises. Below is an overview of how various substances behave when they interact inside human body systems.

Drug and Alcohol Interaction

It may not be news because warnings are common that mixing alcohol and drugs can be dangerous. Some drugs, especially those that cause drowsiness when taken, should not be paired with alcohol. It is especially important that people driving and operating machinery be cautious, so that accidents can be avoided.

Interactions Between Different Kinds of Drugs

It is essential to read labels on medication before pairing it with other drugs. Some drugs cause allergic reactions when paired with other drugs, resulting in loss of motor functions which is potentially dangerous.

Other medical issues and drugs

When someone has a preexisting condition and starts to take a new drug, severe reactions can occur that may worsen the first condition. Before starting a new medication, it is advisable to consult a doctor and explain any other condition present and its medication. It will help mitigate any side effects resulting from the new drug.

Supplements and Drugs

Many people have turned to supplements to improve their overall health or to manage existing conditions. Before starting a new medication, the prescribing doctor needs to know all the supplements and their uses to decide if they interfere with the medicine.

When taking antibiotics, iron supplements stop them from working or slow them down. It means that they do not work as needed and may not treat the condition they were meant to. Other supplements, for example, are blood thinners. Therefore, if the drugs prescribed are also blood thinners, this could lead to a severe problem.

Whenever a drug is taken, it should be under the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Also, they should be aware of all supplements and other substances being consumed. Better safe than sorry is the best motto to follow when dealing with drug interactions.