Colorectal cancer develops in the long intestines and then advances to the entire digestive system during its late stages. It is mainly known to affect older people. According to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, about 145,600 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer annually. Unfortunately, 51,000 end up dying of the disease within the first year of diagnosis.

In its early stages, the disease starts as a benign tumor that implants itself on the colon’s inside walls. With time, these tumors advance in size and end up being cancerous. People struggling with this condition may get various treatments, including medication treatment, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Below are some of the people who are at high risk of getting colorectal cancer.

Aged Persons

Chances of getting this type of cancer increase as you get older. However, even teenagers and young adults are at risk, but the cancer is more prevalent in persons 50 years and older. According to statistics, the average age of diagnosis in females is 72 and males 68. Seniors who are diagnosed during its latest stages tend to face many challenges, especially during treatment, because they have difficulty withstanding chemo and radiation therapy. The increase, in this case, is a result of a rise in the number of rectal cancer diagnoses. The average age for diagnosis is 63 years in both males and females. It is advisable for those aged 45 years age and above to seek regular screening at least once a year.

Persons With A History of Bowels Disease

Persons who have Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which are part of inflammatory bowel disease, are at a high risk of contracting cancer. This condition is a result of the colon being inflamed over a long period. People who have suffered from bowel disease over a long period end up developing dysplasia. It’s a common term used in the medical world, which refers to abnormal files that attach themselves to the colon’s lining. Having an inflammatory bowel system increases the chances of contracting colorectal cancer.

Persons with Certain Genetic Syndromes

People with conditions such as Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (JPS) are at a very high risk of contracting colorectal cancer. They tend to have various symptoms such as freckles around their mouths, hands, and feet. People living with such conditions are also at risk of getting pancreas, ovary, and breast cancer. MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP) has a very high chance of developing polyps along their colons. They are also at risk of contracting tract and thyroid cancer.


Everyone must have an annual screening to ensure they are free of colorectal cancer. If diagnosed during the early stage, the disease can easily be treated, preventing it from advancing to the 4th stage.